5 Marvel Samples

The lowdown on these: The first 3 were solicited by various Marvel editors; the last two were my response to the Spider-Man One More Day/Brand New Day storylines which, ahem, had a few problems in their execution…

1. Dr. Octopus: ESCAPE FROM ME
(An Eisner-like tale of villainy requested by a Marvel Ed. — not your typical rock’em, sock’em story)

2. X-Men scripting test praised by a different Marvel Ed.
(A fine example of how good art lets the writer be a minimalist while ensuring each line gives insight into the characters)

3. Hulk-Mentality
(a “man vs. self” story/script sample taking us inside Banner’s mind — also requested by a Marvel Ed.)

4. Spider-Man vs. Shield or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Ol’ Shellhead’
(a sample Spider-Man comics script, one of which received unsolicited praise from this comics reviewer)

5. Another Spidey comics script
(a more experimental take on the typical Spider-Man battle; the real story being about how JJJ and Robbie are trying to protect their friend Peter…)

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