I’ve Been Cast in the T.V. Series ‘4 Floors’

I’ve Been Cast in the T.V. Series ‘4 Floors’

Yes, that’s right, it seems the world has finally awoken to my genius, and I got the call today.

The show, as I understand it, is about a building of 4 floors…hence the name.

One floor is a water floor, another floor is a land floor, the next floor is an air floor, and I think the 4th floor is still to be determined.

My understanding is that just a portion of the pilot episode has been written, but it sounds genius if you ask me.

I spoke with the series creator.  Below is our conversation:

Me: Hi!
Series Creator: Hi, Uncle Keithie!
Me: I like your script. Your mommy read it to me.
Series Creator: Yeah. Um…can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure!

Series Creator: You know the guy that says “Get back in the water!”?
Me: Yeah.
Series Creator: Would you be him?
Me: I’d love to! But my agent will have to give you a call.
Series Creator: I AM YOUR AGENT!
Me: Oh, okay. Then tell my nephew I want a million dollars.

Series Creator (laughter): I AM YOUR NEPHEW!
Me: Right, so tell yourself I want a million dollars for the show.

Series Creator: I can give you a hundred dollars. And I’ll give the other people forty-nine.
Me: Um…okay. That’s fair, that’s how much I really wanted anyway. I was “negotiating.” Can you say “negotiating”?

Series Creator: Nuh-go-shee-ayt…ing
Me: That’s great. Now go tell your dad you were negotiating with me.
Series Creator: Okay! Bye!

And there you have it. Check your local listings come Spring. It’ll be on “My 9” here in NY.

(The above conversation was an absolutely REAL conversation I had with my 4-y-o nephew today. No foolin’.)

Originally posted elsewhere on November 12, 2006

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