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Children’s Story: The Biggest Hug in the World

The Biggest Hug in the World

Somewhere in a soggy swamp sat Hallee and Geeter, twin alligators of the Florida Everglades.

Geeter was six-and-three-quarters years old.  He’s the kind of boy that’s always hungry!

Hallee is Geeter’s twin sister and is six-and-three-quarters years old plus one minute.  Hallee adds the “plus one minute” because she was born just one short, single minute before her brother.

Every year for their birthday, Hallee and Geeter’s mom gives them the same sort of present — a pleasant pheasant in a French crescent.  For Hallee and Geeter, that’s better than a birthday cake! Continue reading ‘Children’s Story: The Biggest Hug in the World’