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A selection from my horror/fantasy novel: Mehpistopolis

Mephistopolis is a literary horror novel with strong fantasy elements, weaving the tale of the city’s leader, The Abandoner, through the stories of people from all walks of life who are mysteriously drawn to the city, unknowingly given a chance to atone for their sins.

Mephistopolis takes us on many personal journeys, poses to the reader the question “What is evil?” (And questions the ideas [and ideals] of religion.)

While many chapters focus on people who are just like you and me, this one focuses on a possibly familiar famous person (and persona), from the world of the elite nouveau riche and faux  famous…

This chapter has a slow boil to it…for something a bit more to the point, try this POST.

Mephistopolis is available on Barnes & Noble (no nook or Kindle needed).

Chapter 7.

Hjördís Larisdottir, The Influencer

The first thing Hjördís noticed on the empty train ride as the cars began to pull toward Mephistopolis was that the water of the adjacent river was green.  A deep, uninviting, perhaps toxic, green.  This came as a shock, especially since all the waters of her home were such a delicious crystal blue.

Hjördís was also surprised—and comforted—when the conductor spoke Icelandic.  She hugged her dog and sighed.

As she made her way through Mephistopolis for the first time, now almost 25 years ago, Hjördís was taken aback at the many bauble shops, book stores, and river bay eateries that all seemed to be owned, managed, and visited by the people of her homeland.

Iceland is not a large place, nor is it overly populated.  Nowhere else in the world—and she had been all over the world—would a person expect to see such a congregation of Icelanders.  It was almost as if the city knew she was coming and prepared itself for her arrival. Continue reading ‘A selection from my horror/fantasy novel: Mehpistopolis’