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72 People I’ve Met on the Subway — stories 5 & 13

The following are true stories of experiences on NYC subways, buses, etc. They are from my currently unpublished book 72 People I’ve Met On The Subway.

If you don’t laugh, I will refund your money & then  come to your house and tickle you to make up for it.


5. !#@* #a$ #!%@$

I got on the train at what was the first (and last) stop on this line. There were about seven or eight people in the car.

The seat I chose was next to another 30-something. He was wearing a Mets baseball cap and slowly downing a diet soda.

And he made this noise as he looked at me: “Ep!”

I thought perhaps he was being, in some way I could not comprehend, funny.

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