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Genre-meld feature – Unforgiven meets An American Werewolf in London. Tone: tongue-in-cheek, w/good scares and some of my favorite bits of dialogue.

Feature buddy comedy – TITLE: Two Boobs – Tone: Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Feature comedy spec called “perfect” and “screen ready” by Weinstein (sadly, this was just before they ran out of money and had their re-org).

Superman feature concept Solicited treatment by the production co. (before calling in that Nolan guy…)

Horror Franchise Feature – FEAR EVERYTHING – low-budget horror franchise. I decided horror films needed a Ripley – so consider this a sort of origin, as the female lead’s arc is all about her gaining strength.

Comics Scripts/Treatments:

An original short: Another Damned Private Eye

Arkham Asylum vs. The Aliens (approved by DC/Dark Horse but unpublished)

Superman out-of-continuity mini-series (TREATMENT)

My take on Amazing Spider-Man’s “One More Day”:

Amazing Spider-Man 545: One More Day, part 4 (redux)

Amazing Spider-Man 546: Just Another Day


Amazing Spider-Man 548: It’s a Jungle in Here, Part 1

Amazing Spider-Man 549: It’s a Jungle in Here, Part 2

Amazing Spidey 550 (part 1): It’s a Jungle in Here, Part 3

Amazing Spidey 550 (part 2)

Amazing Spidey 551

Marvel Samples Requested by Myriad Marvel Editors:

Incredible Hulk Mini-Series – First Issue Script

Doctor Octopus Origin Mini-Series – First Issue Script

X-Men scripting (dialoguing) sample – 1

X-Men scripting (dialoguing) sample – PART 2

Comedy Essays:

The following essays are from my book “72 People I’ve Met On The Subway”:

Ep & The Pretty Latina

A Tussle in the Bustle

Our Love is Infectious

The Old Smuggler

The Good One

Loud Angry Loud Cell Phone Girl

Film Reviews:

Indy IV: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Why THE DARK KNIGHT Is A Terrible Film

Inglourious Basterds


Bentley Royce, ’40s P.I.

Cast in T.V. Series 4 Floors


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