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BIG BANG THEORY: The Alternate Earth Addendum (spec script)

In this episode of The Big Bang Theory:
After theorizing Dr. Stephen Hawking’s alternate universe theory may be true, we take a trip to a place called Earth 2 & find slightly altered versions of the BBT gang.Duc9

That was my premise. Keeping in mind that a spec is supposed to capture a show without changing too much about it (i.e., it should feel like any other episode, without making any major status quo changes), I approached the story with the idea of using concepts and jokes the show itself has mildly explored.

I wouldn’t want to change the characters too much. First, it’s a spec. As such, while I tried to give the principle actors some fun new things to work with, I (and this is second) didn’t want to stray too far from the series. There’s a reason the show’s been on as long as it has — the characters work just as they are.

The episode is set within one of the funniest episodes of the past with the idea that the episode — b/c of the alternate Earth concept — would go off in a different direction. I think it does so in a really fun way. Enjoy!

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