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X-Men Scripting Test

Some years back, an editor at Marvel Comics was impressed with script samples I sent. As a result, he asked I take a “scripting test.”

I received a Plot—the writers of Marvel Comics often write in plot summaries—and Artwork, and it’s my job to add Dialogue.  He informed me he liked what he saw…just before leaving Marvel forever (honestly, I can’t recall if he left or was laid-off or what).

Below are pages from the comic, sporting its ACTUAL script, accompanied by MY SCRIPT TEST pages. I was told to pick any scene or scenes I wanted to write, up to five pages 10 pages (see the other X-post for clarification).

The Xmen 70 covermain difference between comic books and picture books is that the latter merely describes what’s on a page (“See Jane Run!”; “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”), while comic books give INSIGHT into the images. So, when we see Peter Parker swinging over the city (i.e., Jane running), the caption might say “As our wily web-swinger careens across our fair Metropolis…” but then there’s insight: “…he wonders about his battle with the unscrupulous Scorpion!” Which, you know, is not shown visually. It’s usually in a thought bubble.

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X-Men test – part 2

More of the ol’ X-Men script sample as sent to me by a long-gone X-ed.

Now’s a good time to mention, I know nothing about these two new characters Dr. Reyes and Marrow. Neither was terribly likable, but I did my best. As far as the former of the two, I had NO clue what the Doc could do. The plot had no details (nor did the Internet at the time) save for something about a forcefield (mentioned in the previous X-post) but that was it. On the second page below, the final script indicates some other power—some kind of empathic ability it seems. But it’s unclear, and I just avoided any reference to her powers in my script sample as a result.

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Superman comics mini-series

Don’tcha just love a good title?



Born Identity

by K-Plan

When a couple of grandstanding politicos (and a none-too-bright NY Post columnist) were railing about a 6-page Superman story — which, clearly, none of them had read in full — re: Superman’s citizenship, I decided to write the below project pitch.

It seemed to me, the best response to the Superman “renouncing his citizenship” nonsense was to change the dialogue. In the story, Superman is the leader, the beacon. His relationship with the U.S. is, fittingly (and metaphorically), strained. This out-of-continuity mini is approached with the complexity of a political thriller, told, like a film, in 3 acts, with Superman in a real-life world which is still part of the DCU.

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72 People I’ve Met on the Subway — stories 5 & 13

The following are true stories of experiences on NYC subways, buses, etc. They are from my currently unpublished book 72 People I’ve Met On The Subway.

If you don’t laugh, I will refund your money & then  come to your house and tickle you to make up for it.


5. !#@* #a$ #!%@$

I got on the train at what was the first (and last) stop on this line. There were about seven or eight people in the car.

The seat I chose was next to another 30-something. He was wearing a Mets baseball cap and slowly downing a diet soda.

And he made this noise as he looked at me: “Ep!”

I thought perhaps he was being, in some way I could not comprehend, funny.

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Howl the West Was Won – genre-meld feature script (selection)

The set up: a guy named Mackenzie (Mac) is a saloon owner with a terrible secret in a town being attacked by what can only be werewolves. The townsfolk are still putting the clues together…and, in so doing, have had enough — they’ve decided, collectively, to hightail it outta there.

In this scene, Mac’s gal Lacie — also the saloon madam — is seeing the exodus and awakens Mac, who runs out to confront a guy known only as Parson — a Clint Eastwood type who might very well have a secret of his own….

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A Muppets TV Show for the modern era – a spec script

Series Concept and Teleplay
K e i t h

All characters © The Jim Henson Company
Concept and adaptation © 2004
This is an unsanctioned project.
Please pardon the formatting.




A spotlight shines on a stage where an empty stool & a mic stand are being set up by Beauregard or Sweetums. ROBIN climbs atop the stool and clears his throat.

Everyone’s ready, Robin.

Robin nods and begins singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” When he reaches the point of listing colors (“red, yellow, or gold”) the pace picks up and 3 Britney Spears clones — as sexy background singers — join in.

ANGLE ON KERMIT watching from a chair in the audience. His feet are up, and he’s massaging a temple with his flipper.

Life was so much easier in ’77 BBC.
BBC — Before Britney and Christina.

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Comedy Sketch – “Shoe Repair” (accidentally in the style of Monty Python)

A MAN walks into a Shoe Repair Shop. He is missing a shoe. The Man approaches the SHOE GUY at the counter.

MAN: Hello.

SHOE GUY: Yes, may I help you?

MAN: I dropped off a shoe to be fixed more than three days ago, and when I called this morning, I was told it should be ready this afternoon.

SHOE GUY: Is this a shoe emergency?

MAN: A What?

SHOE GUY: A shoe emergency — is it life or death?

MAN (considers): Well, I am walking with an awful limp.
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