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John Oliver Comedy Packet

Several months prior to the premiere, I reached out to John Oliver’s people for a shot at a writing post on his HBO series. They sent me a submission packet.
The packet requested: Two “headline news” segments (national & international news); also requested were two outlines for more-detailed segments (which could include roving reporters, video, and so on) covering same.
I was given about 36 hours to conceive, write, edit, and submit all of the below. And it was December 30th. Sooo…yeah…no pressure.
In spite of what I think is some very strong — and sharp — satire, I didn’t make the cut. According to a contact it was due to my lack of TV credits, but the work was passed up the ladder one by one to the very top.
Damn travesty, I say. But I’m biased. The following is what I sent (warning: naughty words abound!)…
In an announcement that surprised
viewers and critics across our
Puritanical nation, Duck Dynasty
chief red neck and good, duck-murdering
Christian, Phil Robertson, announced that
he disapproves of gays and that
homosexuality is a sin.
It really was quite a shock – he
seemed so open-minded at the Ninth
Annual Beard-Pulling Finals.
GFX Image: A Truck Pull event, Duck Dynasty’s Robertson, his
beard looped around front bumper of a truck, they’re in a tug
of war.
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