The Old Smuggler – Another 72 People I’ve Met On the Subway story (18)

This is a sample of 1 of 72 stories. Yes, 72 comedic essays, each one telling a true story about someone I’ve met on the subway, bus, or similar public transportation.

18. The Old Smuggler

I waited for a bus on a sun-shiney day.
An old man told me, “They won’t let you on, no how, no way!”

See, on this lovely morn, I held my Ladyfriend’s cute pup.
A “yorkie-poo,” not too tall, no higher than three cups.

The pup was a good girl, a smart girl, could stand on hind legs and heel.
But this old man figured, to get her on a bus, we must distract the man behind the wheel.

So the bus pulled to the stop, and everyone got on.
I kept Bella behind me, held her with one arm.

The old man went first, paid his fare, stopped, then queried the driver.
I came on next, swiped my MetroCard for fare, slid past the old man – no one the wiser.

I moved down the aisle, with little Bella full of perk.
The old man sauntered towards me, very proud of his work.

I sat in the back, that smuggler sat nearby; he smiled and winked.
Then Bella smiled back…well, not really, but that’s what the old man seemed to think.

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