Masked-Man – a comedy satire

When an old-fashioned hero loses his sidekick in a superheroing accident, he decides he himself will become a sidekick and soon teams up with a modern, “woke” female superhero — one who will drag him kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Below, you can click and see the cold open. PDF avail upon request.

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BIG BANG THEORY: The Alternate Earth Addendum (spec script)

In this episode of The Big Bang Theory:
After theorizing Dr. Stephen Hawking’s alternate universe theory may be true, we take a trip to a place called Earth 2 & find slightly altered versions of the BBT gang.Duc9

That was my premise. Keeping in mind that a spec is supposed to capture a show without changing too much about it (i.e., it should feel like any other episode, without making any major status quo changes), I approached the story with the idea of using concepts and jokes the show itself has mildly explored.

I wouldn’t want to change the characters too much. First, it’s a spec. As such, while I tried to give the principle actors some fun new things to work with, I (and this is second) didn’t want to stray too far from the series. There’s a reason the show’s been on as long as it has — the characters work just as they are.

The episode is set within one of the funniest episodes of the past with the idea that the episode — b/c of the alternate Earth concept — would go off in a different direction. I think it does so in a really fun way. Enjoy!

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#NotMySpiderMan or How I Learned About Film & Am Shocked This Wasn’t A Bomb

Praise is being heaped upon the new Spider-Man film, but while we want a Spider-Man who errs & sometimes makes the wrong choice, does being a modern teen mean Spider-Man has to be stupid?

This piece appears on website comicbookmovie.com.

Everyone is very excited about the new Spider-Man film, sub-titled Homecoming, which finally brings Spidey into the Marvel cinematic comics-verse to interact with characters like Iron Man and Hulk. There have been, shall we say, some problems with the Spider-Man superhero franchises of yore.

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Full Frontal with Sam Bee comedy packet

A sample comedy piece written for Sam Bee’s show…
[formatting of red & normal text is standard]


SEGMENT: The War On Campus Carry

[IMAGES: Collage of the selfies of, and headlines about, the Pulse nightclub shooter]

[SAM:] Last June, just one day after the mass shooting in a Florida club by a shamed homosexual forced to masquerade as something less provocative, like an Isil terrorist, Tennessee Representative Andy Holt felt there was only one thing to do…


Raffle off AR‐15s as part of a campaign fundraiser! Yay! Don’t worry, it wasn’t in poor taste, because, in truth, he wasn’t doing it for himself — he was doing it for the kids. It was just a few short weeks prior that the Tennessee legislature passed their Campus Carry law with this convincing argument:

[TAKE: VIDEO: https://legiscan.com/TN/bill/SB2376/2015 (Clips from 7:33:04 – 7:33:49) in which a representative states teachers are “relatively adamantly opposed [to campus carry approval laws]”]

[SAM:] “Relatively adamantly opposed.” Yes, the teachers have stated, adamantly, “We’re relatively sure we don’t want Billy Bob Beer Pong shooting us in the knee‐cap, because his grade-point average slipped. But, aw, what the heck, let’s pass that bull— er, bill anyway!” And so the legislators did.

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SCREENPLAY – THURSDAYS WITH ADOLF…a dark satire of “coming-of-age” films…

WGA#: #1711563

– Official Selection Hollywood Comedy Film Fest
– Top 10% Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship contest
– Semi-Finals ScreenplayFestival.com
– Finalist/Honorable Mention, Williamsburg, NYC, Film Fest


THURSDAYS WITH ADOLF: Edgy comedy taking place in an unspecified future where two terrible teens, and best friends, come of age when forced one summer to work for an awful elderly man who ends up teaching them about life, art, and women…and turns out to be Hitler in disguise.

TONE: Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets Her.


  1. Top 10% Nicholl Fellowship
  2. Semi-finalist ScreenplayFestival.com
  3. Laurels: Honorable Mention (Finals), Williamsburg, NYC, International FF

Two scenes: First, the opening scenes of the script where the two boys meet the mentor (“The Old Man”). Then, another scene where they’re following him home, discussing the merits of The Old Man’s (i.e., Hitler’s) environmentalist ways.


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John Oliver Comedy Packet

Several months prior to the premiere, I reached out to John Oliver’s people for a shot at a writing post on his HBO series. They sent me a submission packet.
The packet requested: Two “headline news” segments (national & international news); also requested were two outlines for more-detailed segments (which could include roving reporters, video, and so on) covering same.
I was given about 36 hours to conceive, write, edit, and submit all of the below. And it was December 30th. Sooo…yeah…no pressure.
In spite of what I think is some very strong — and sharp — satire, I didn’t make the cut. According to a contact it was due to my lack of TV credits, but the work was passed up the ladder one by one to the very top.
Damn travesty, I say. But I’m biased. The following is what I sent (warning: naughty words abound!)…
In an announcement that surprised
viewers and critics across our
Puritanical nation, Duck Dynasty
chief red neck and good, duck-murdering
Christian, Phil Robertson, announced that
he disapproves of gays and that
homosexuality is a sin.
It really was quite a shock – he
seemed so open-minded at the Ninth
Annual Beard-Pulling Finals.
GFX Image: A Truck Pull event, Duck Dynasty’s Robertson, his
beard looped around front bumper of a truck, they’re in a tug
of war.
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Dumé Jones, a hard-bitten P.I. in 1950s MEPHISTOPOLIS — HORROR tale

Mephistopolis is a literary horror novel with strong fantasy elements, weaving the tale of the city’s leader, The Abandoner, through the stories of people from all walks of life who are mysteriously drawn to the city, unknowingly given a chance to atone for their sins.

Mephistopolis takes us on many personal journeys, poses to the reader the question “What is evil?” (And questions the ideas [and ideals] of religion.)

Another chapter is here!

This story takes place in Mephistopolis in the 1950s. It’s a crime noir tale, one of many genres the book utilizes in telling the city’s story.

Dumé Jones, P.I.

Mephistopolis was a town zooming toward a major growth-spurt.  What happened at this time altered much about the city’s future, the city’s control, the city’s life and citizenry.

Who’s to blame for this?  Who’s the one who could so powerfully alter the course of the harsh city?  Some say it was the devil himself. . .

But they would be laying that blame incorrectly.

Either way, there’s no denying that when the smartly dressed black man—his red running shoes notwithstanding—blew into town on this day, in a decade remembered for rock ‘n’ roll and poodle skirts, Mephistopolis went to Hell in a hand basket.

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